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initial consultation

The training process will begin with an initial consultation in your home so that we can meet you and your dog to go over the issues you would like to address. This is important for us to assess and understand your dog in their home environment. During the consultation, we will discuss the problems you are experiencing in detail so that we can create a tailored training plan to suit your specific requirements. The plan will detail the training methods we will use to ensure you and your dog are communicating effectively. Estimated timelines will also be included, however, each dog is different and methods/timelines may need to be adapted, so this plan is flexible and can be updated throughout the training process.

one to one training

We offer one-to-one training within your home and will eventually build up to public locations with increased distractions. We can schedule your training sessions at a time convenient to you, whether that be weekends, weekdays or evenings. Each training session will typically last around one hour depending on the exercises to be covered, and you can book individual or block sessions.

We offer training methods to cover all behavioural issues, organised into standard training packages that can be adapted to suit your needs. 

training packages

Puppy Package

This package includes toilet training, teething redirection, crate training (if requested), socialisation and basic puppy skills. This package is suitable for puppies up to 16 weeks old. Training sessions will typically last between 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the age of your puppy and the training required.

Basic Training

The basic training package can include training cues such as sit, stay, down and leave, as well as reliable recall, food manners and loose lead skills. Sessions last around 60 minutes each and will be built around your dogs age and training requirements.

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification training can address more complex behaviours such as aggression, separation anxiety, reactivity to other dogs or people, fear/anxiety and resource guarding. Please get in touch to discuss a tailored plan in more detail.


You can save time at your initial consultation by completing the behaviour questionnaire online:

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