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Positive Steps Dog Training is owned and operated by Nikki, a qualified dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), qualified canine behaviourist through the British College of Canine Studies and specialist separation anxiety behaviour consultant (SAPro). 

Positive Steps are located within both the North West and Hampshire areas. Please take a look below to meet our team!

Nikki – Founder, Head Trainer & Behaviourist

Positive Steps Dog Training began with the aim to create a platform for dog guardians to work with their dogs to help nurture the unbreakable bond between dog and owner. We use force-free techniques to ensure the relationship between guardian and dog is built on mutual trust, love, loyalty and respect.

Nikki currently has a German Shepherd, Harley, who was trained from a puppy using force-free training methods, from toilet training to basic puppy skills and socialisation. At 6 months old, following an incident whilst out walking, Harley developed some extreme anxiety/fear-related behaviours around strangers and bicycles. Nikki worked together with Harley to implement a behavioural training plan to focus on building up her confidence once more. Harley can now once again enjoy her walks fear-free, even helping with client training sessions sometimes too! 

A message from Nikki – “Working with Harley and creating that unbreakable bond between dog and guardian is what inspired me to start Positive Steps Dog Training. I want all dog guardians to experience the same kind of bond that I have with my dog, and I want to help them achieve it!

No one dog is the same and it is so important that we take the time and put in the effort to understand our dogs behaviour and guide them in how to behave appropriately in this world – we owe it to them as their guardians.”

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Abigail – Trainee Dog Trainer (IMDT)

Abigail is our newest dog trainer based within Southampton and Portsmouth. Thanks to Ab, we have successfully been able to expand our dog training services into a brand new demographic – Hampshire. Ab shares all of the Positive Steps values when it comes to our dogs and their training, and that will always be our number one priority.

Since April 2023, alongside her full-time job as a dog walker in Southampton, we have been working alongside Abigail throughout her journey with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) to become a fully qualified dog trainer. 

We are aiming for Ab to be fully qualified from February 2024. Until then, all new clients within the South will be working alongside both Abigail and our fully certified trainer and behaviourist, Nikki.

A message from Abigail – “ I learnt very quickly at a young age that there was something about dogs – they could take a bad day and give you the support you needed to turn it around. I find they have a wonderful ability to bring people out of their shells and be the best friend that we all need without any judgment.

After a complete change of industry, I joined a local dog walking company and began my journey of discovery into dog behaviour and body language, fascinated by trying to understand what my dogs were telling me on our walks!

Having known Nikki for many years, I watched Positive Steps go from strength to strength. Knowing the incredible influence she has had on many dog parents, it was an honour to join the Positive Steps team! ”

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