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15 Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

Our understanding of canine behaviour, and how to modify it, has really come a long way over the years, driving the positive dog training world forward. But sometimes, we expect too much from our dogs, such as unrealistic reasoning abilities and impeccable manners, and we forget to allow our dogs to just be dogs. And…
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Can Dogs Sense When We Are Pregnant

Have you ever wondered whether your dog can sense when you become pregnant? Or perhaps you’ve noticed some behavioural changes with your pet during your pregnancy? We train our dogs to use their nose to find missing persons, detect contraband and we are even working toward detection of certain human ailments – so surely it…
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A Guide To Your Puppy’s First Year

Bringing home a new puppy is a fun and exciting time, as long as you’re fully prepared beforehand! Ensuring you have the necessary equipment and knowledge will help prevent potential problems further down the line. Below is a guide to your pup’s first year, covering everything you should be thinking about to set up your…
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Why You Should Let Your Dog Sniff During Walks

While walking your dog, how many times do you find yourself impatiently giving a gentle tug on your dogs lead, saying ‘come on’ or ‘this way’ every time your dog stops to sniff? While it is our responsibility to ensure our dogs are properly lead trained and controlled on walks, we must take the time…
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Why Is My Dog Barking?!

Barking is a very normal canine behaviour, one used by our dogs to communicate. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, such as excitement, anxiety, alarm or attention – to name a few. While a certain level of barking is normal, excessive barking can result in huge problems for owners. When our dogs bark, there…
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separation anxiety

Preventing Separation Anxiety In Dogs As Lockdown Eases

As we slowly begin to resume our normal lives and transition back into our routines, it is important that we consider how this big change will once again affect our dogs. After months of having us at home almost 24/7, if not handled well, our return to work may have some adverse effects on our…
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