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smart dog

QUIZ – How Smart Is My Dog?

Canine cognition describes how dogs processes the environment around them. Understanding your dogs learning style can help you understand what motivates him most, which in turn can help you with the training process. If you think your dog is a slow learner and finds it difficult to pick up your commands, this doesn’t mean he…
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indoor games

10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Dog

During the Coronavirus epidemic, where most of us are told to stay at home and self-isolate, it can be more of a challenge to keep our dogs active. However, with a little creativity, there are many indoor games and exercises you can do with your dog to keep them mentally and physically stimulated! Here are…
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dog training

Business as usual for Unleashed Dog Training

As a result of COVID-19, many of us are now working from home and following the guidelines for social distancing. While this is an extremely stressful time for many of us, it is undoubtedly a win for our pets! At Unleashed Dog Training, all training sessions will be going ahead as planned, following the Government…
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Unleashed Dog Training Are Now Offering Virtual Consultations

Unleashed Dog Training are now offering the option to have your dog training and behaviour consultation via video or telephone call. Our virtual consultations will provide a platform for you to discuss your situation and the behavioural issues you’re currently facing, as well as any other dog-related questions you may have. We offer positive, reward-based…
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7 Common Myths About Dog Training

Have you ever been told that if your dog walks in front of you on the lead then he wants to be pack leader? Or if he goes through an open door before you then he is asserting his dominance? If so, you can forget about those myths that are based on outdated, disproven scientific…
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