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Dog reactivity webinar: Struggling with your dog’s reactivity? We got you.

dog reactivity webinar

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand new dog reactivity webinar.

The Positive Steps dog reactivity webinar is a 90-minute, pre-recorded webinar that covers everything you need to know about managing and training your dog’s reactive behaviour. The webinar includes topics such as:

  • What reactivity is
  • Why your dog may be reacting
  • What you need to know about canine reactivity
  • Factors to consider before training
  • Coping thresholds and trigger stacking
  • How to manage reactivity
  • How to implement a behaviour modification plan
  • How to track your progress

The webinar is perfect for those who are struggling to cope with their dog’s reactivity, whether that’s towards other people, other dogs, bicycles, children etc. The webinar aims to help you better understand your dog’s behaviour and how to manage and work with their reactivity.

Upon purchase of the reactivity webinar, you will immediately receive a URL link to access the webinar, allowing you to watch at your own pace, in your own time, as many times as you like!

You will also receive full support from our IMDT and BCCS-certified trainer and behaviourist at Positive Steps. So, should you have any questions, you can email us and we can help guide your training.

For further information and to purchase the webinar, please visit our website. Should you have any queries about the program, please get in touch.


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