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Positive Steps are Expanding our Dog Training Services in Southampton and Portsmouth

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We are very excited to announce that we are welcoming a second dog trainer into the Positive Steps team, allowing us to expand our dog training services in Southampton and Portsmouth! 🥳 Abigail will officially be joining our team as a Trainee Dog Trainer.

Adding a second dog trainer and expanding our services into a brand new demographic is something we have thought about for a while now, and whilst it is a scary undertaking to trust somebody new with our business, we wouldn’t have taken this plunge if we hadn’t found the perfect person to team up with for this new challenge!

Ab shares all of the Positive Steps values when it comes to our dogs and their training, and that will always be our number one priority.
Since April 2023, alongside her full-time job as a dog walker in Southampton, we have been working alongside Ab throughout her journey with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) to become a fully qualified dog trainer 🐕

Since April, Ab has undertaken numerous IMDT courses, shadowed us during client sessions and we’ve had frequent Zoom calls to discuss dog training theory and her training journey so far.

We are so proud of how hard she is working and can’t wait to fully let her loose to begin working with clients in her hometown of Southampton and all surrounding areas, including Portsmouth. We are aiming for Ab to be fully qualified and working independently from February 2024!

Until then, we will be working together with Ab and officially accepting clients from Southampton and surrounding areas from November 2023! 🥳

Over the coming months we will be updating all of our website and social media platforms to reflect the expansion. If you have any questions at all, please do reach out!

Thank you all so much for constantly supporting us throughout everything we chose to do 💛

Positive Steps Dog Training 🐕

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